Maspalomas – Gran Canaria

A day exploring Playa de Maspalomas – South Gran Canaria

I really did get unlucky with the weather during my short time here. Normally you can expect blue skies and plenty of sun but here I was surrounded by clouds, droplets of rain and heavy gusts of wind. Definitely not sunbathing weather!

So I decided to take matters in to my own hands and jump on a 2 hour bus ride down to the south of the island from Las Palmas. I wasn’t expecting it to make any difference really but figured it would be an adventure either way.

Wasn’t I happy to be wrong!

It was about halfway in to the bus journey that I had to put my shades on and start applying sun cream. I instantly regretted my decision to wear black leggings!


When I got off the bus I was so happy to not see a cloud in sight. The sun was hot but because of the storm the heavy winds meant that it was lovely and breezy.

I went for a wander down to the beach and here you can find the beautiful lighthouse surrounded by a park filled with sunbathers. This was such a relaxing area to lounge around so it’s obviously where I stopped to read for a good few hours and even nap!


I’d heard about the iconic sand dunes from people I’d met at the hostel up in Las Palmas. They told me it’s where everyone comes to visit so it’s one of the reasons I hopped on that bus. That and the chance to get some sun..

I could see the sand dunes far in the distance from the lighthouse. Whilst it looked rather far away, I do love walking and it seemed like a good challenge for a trek for the day. I decided to walk along the boardwalk down the beach as far as possible but the heavy winds meant there was constant sand in my eyes! I soon turned around and headed for a more inland route via the streets of Maspalomas. Equipped with water and a full stomach from the pizza I’d just eaten at a nearby café I continued my walk heading towards the sand dunes.

It’s easily done from Maspalomas beach, and likely even easier when you don’t have to battle with the heavy winds from a storm. Eventually you’ll get to a point where you must walk along the sand as the boardwalk stops. It was here I devised a cover for my face using my scarf and hat to ensure I wasn’t blinded by the flying sand! I took my trainers off, tied them to my backpack and continued my trek.


I’m going to say that it wasn’t really the best weather for this kind of walk but at least the wind kept me cool and it did add to the fun of the adventure! I really enjoyed climbing the sand dunes and sliding down them. Nothing but sand and sea in sight! If you ever get the chance to visit Gran Canaria I highly recommend taking a trip down here. The landscape is beautiful.

After a good eight hours exploring Maspalomas I headed back for the bus. These buses run very frequently from the top of the island to the bottom and back. It takes around 2 hours per single journey and costs only 12 euros return (price correct in January 2018). Worth staying as late as you can to catch the sunset – prime viewing spot from the coastline!


Well worth the day trip and somewhere I’d love to visit again!


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