​Day 7 – Journey to Sihanoukville

It was a long drive across country to reach the beach and it was made worse by my dodgy stomach from the spiciest dish I’d ever eaten at the backpackers bar the night before! But we made it and of course headed straight for the beach!

We ate lunch here first where I thought it best I only eat rice. After this we all went in the sea and played games. It was nice being in the water again for the first time since Australia.

Unfortunately for all of us, soon came the storm clouds. The beach got really dark and the locals packed away the furniture. Of course to follow was one intense thunder storm. The loudest one I’ve ever heard in my life! This caused a power cut in the hotel but luckily we were only napping anyway so once the power came back on we got ready to head out to meet the group for dinner.

Tonight we went out for BBQ! I had chicken skewers with one of the best sauces I’ve ever tasted, it was a special pepper sauce made locally. Really enjoyed this meal and was good to chat to the group about solo travelling. A lot of the people on the tour have never been to Asia before and it’s there first time travelling alone. I told them this will be the start of many to come.

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