​Day 6 – Phnom Penh

This morning we headed for the killing fields and genocide museum. I’ve written a separate blog post for this as I feel it needs one.

When we got back we were quite deflated from the experience. We wanted to relax and so we headed for the Sky Bar where you pay $10 and get exclusive access to the infinity pool 9 floors up. We enjoyed views of the sun setting across Phnom Penh with beautiful pink sky’s whilst we swam and drank cocktails! Was so nice being in a pool above the city to ourselves too. We eventually fell asleep and skipped dinner with the group this night. It was nice to chill and do our own thing so we headed back to the backpackers bar we ate our lunch at earlier and enjoyed dinner at the same place.

We were so lucky to get such a great group of people on our tour. All similar age and quite chilled but not boring. But sometimes even with a good group it’s nice to get some time to yourself away from everybody.


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