My year in countries!

This year I’ve been all around the world and with me and my love of lists I figured I would make a note of all the places I went this year and last. Each year I compare my list to the next to inspire me to go on more adventures!
2016 in countries
Jan – USA
Feb – India
Feb – Thailand
Feb – Singapore
March – Australia
May – USA
August – Italy
October – Germany
November – Spain
2015 in countries
Jan – Switzerland
March – Latvia
May – Poland
June – Estonia
June – Finland
June – Latvia
June – Norway
August – Indonesia
November – Greece
November – Belgium
November – The Netherlands
December – USA
Even though I went on my big trip this year, I actually went to more countries in 2015! I’ve had a blast travelling around all these different countries all over the world and I can’t wait to continue with it. Next year I’ll visit much less but my aim is always to visit at least 1 country every year that I’ve never been to before. So far I’ve been to 25 countries and I’m 26, trying to keep up with my age!
So, where should I go next year?

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