I just read…Twitchhiker by Paul Smith

Should have posted this a while back but just found it in my drafts! Oops.

This summer I read this little gem. As part of my new Travel Book Club I blogged about recently.

This book has been sat on my shelf for literally years but as part of my goal to delve deep into travel novels and find more inspiration I quickly found myself hooked on this one.

The great thing about this book for me is that it’s so easy to relate to given I’ve travelled to almost every single place Paul visits in the book. His descriptive nature really takes me back to those locations!

It is a great adventure to follow and he takes you with him every step of the way. A really good idea for raising money for charity, if only I’d thought of it! I admire Paul’s go-getter attitude and pure trust in others to keep him going. This is a great read for anyone who has ever been backpacking or loves a good challenge.

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