I want to unpack!

After travelling for over 5 weeks I have now reached the point where I have decided that I really want to settle and work now.

This weekend I will reach Darwin in the Northern Territory and whilst it’s great weather I will really clamp down and start job hunting.

It’s not just the fact I’ll earn money and money will fuel further travelling but it’s the fact I really want to just settle in one place for a bit!

I’m trying to remain optimistic about job hunting and I really hope I’m able to find something when I get up there but so far, using Gumtree only, I have had nothing but spam and harassment. So much so that I’ve had to remove my number from Gumtree and amend my advert. I’m really not surprised to be honest- Gumtree has never been something I would trust back in England.

So once I get there I’ll be getting an appointment with my Job Search company I booked through STA Travel before I came to Australia. They have an office in Darwin so this will be really useful for me. I’m also going to take to the streets with my CV and I’m willing to try anything really just to bring some cash in.

Once I start earning, even if for just a week it will fuel my travelling massively and hopefully I can finish travelling Australia via the East Coast before seeing possibly some more of Asia, New Zealand or even North America.

So far I plan to stay in Darwin a week or longer then assess my options again after the week is up. If I can’t find work I may need to continue travelling by flying to Cairns and heading down to Sydney where the majority of work seems to be located – only issue with that is the winter weather I so desperately want to avoid!

Wish me luck…

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