Australia : Adelaide

I can’t quite put my finger on what it was about Adelaide but something about the city I really liked.

We stayed for 2 nights in a campsite 5km outside of the city and so decided to walk into the city each time. Luckily it was along a beautiful canal walk and I think this is perhaps what sold it for me. All I could think was how nice it would be to join the cyclists and cycle this with them!

The first day we arrived we set up camp and decided to head into the city for dinner and to make the most of a short stay there. We didn’t see much as it was dark by the time we got to the city but we did walk down an interesting street filled with bars that all seemed to be themed like country cowboy bars. I liked the country feel to it. The area started to get that but of a dodgy feel to it however so we headed out and into the only food place we could find appealing to us: Nandos! My first one in Australia. Learnt they don’t go regular Mayo or any sauce milder than medium, how bizarre! So it all got a bit too spicy for me given that I haven’t eaten spicy food for weeks!

The next day we headed into the city. We decided to walk in again and enjoy the peaceful trail and admiring the giant swans and herons around the place. First stop the university where I decided to speak with Sta Travel about the options I have for after we reach Darwin. They told me I should work for the company as I’ve ‘travelled so much’ I said that’s the plan.. Hoping perhaps one day I will.

Then we headed for the city where we walked around the gardens and enjoyed a typical burger fast food joint lunch. We didn’t do much in Adelaide but I enjoyed walking around the shopping centres. Above is pictures of the sculpture put outside the mall.. I love these pigs I think they look great!

In Adelaide you can hire a bike for free which is amazing but unfortunately for me they were too big 😦 so I carried on walking around until my feet were sore. I really didn’t see much here but I liked the fact there were no tourists and backpackers and that the place was just chilled out. Not sure if I’ll ever return but at least I know it’s a place in Australia where I enjoyed myself 🙂

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