Typo – A gem for travellers

The last 2 days have been very long and tiring. I definitely need to start getting a decent nights sleep! Tonight I’ve been to the mall where I just had a wander around to pass some time and eat. I didn’t want to go to bed too early as it feels like a waste of a night but I guess once again it’s another late one for me.

I’d like to point out my new handy bag for sticking my bits and bobs in, I think it’s very me!

You can buy these and all kind of other travel related products in a store named ‘Typo’ check it out 🙂

With the last 2 days being a little disappointing, I really hope tomorrow at Sentosa is better otherwise I’m about ready to move on now! But Singapore is definitely still a beautiful city and I’d even return with someone, just more of a family/partner thing than a solo backpackers place since it’s mostly attractions!

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