Currently sat at the breakfast bar at The Yard Hostel in Bangkok. Got the cutest presented breakfast ever and it was yummy too! Good start to the day 🙂

Last night I got a lot of sleep. About 8 hours in total but really broken. I kept waking up at strange times and having weird dreams about things back home. Was my first night in a bed since leaving England so perhaps it’s my body’s way of adjusting with home sickness.

Yesterday after heading out for Thai food in Ara, I decided to head to the weekend market in Cho Mit. Really glad I did this! There weren’t many tourists there, I think I saw maybe 3 if that so it definitely felt like I was submerged with local culture. This was probably the best market I’ve ever been to and everything was super cheap!

I spent 8GBP in total which bought me some new sandals, similar to fit flops which will do me well in Australia. I also got myself a new iPhone charger lead, some trainer socks for my Skechers and a new top because I forgot to bring the one I needed..oops.

I was at the market really late, nearly missed the last train home at midnight! But it’s okay as it’s very close to the hostel. I love the area this hostel is in, it’s walkable to a bunch of bars and restaurants and there is mainly locals around here so it’s a real modern and upcoming area.

Today I am heading for the temples. I’m not entirely sure which ones I’ve been to before as we did a guided tour and everything was kind of mushed together. One of the reasons I prefer travelling alone as I can keep track of what I’ve visited and where I’m going next. Definitely recommend the DIY method.

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