Times Square at NYE:
The dream vs the reality

So you’ve travelled to New York in hope of crossing that ball drop off of your bucketlist.. Sure it’s a fantastic show, incredible fireworks and a night to be remembered! But is it really as good as it seems..

When I arrived in New York I came without a plan for NYE. I was however very quickly warned against the idea of heading to Times Square by far too many people for me to count.

The reality of the event:

– You need to arrive in the morning to get a good spot (this means waiting in the same spot for over 12 hours in some cases)

– There is no toilet! Once you are in your allocated section, there is no getting out. I even had the pleasure of learning about the amount of people who wear adult diapers for the event.. So not only are you crowded around people, you are likely also crowded around smelly people.

– No backpacks or bags allowed – This means, no food! So if you want to get there at 11am then you’re skipping both lunch and dinner…fun.

So next time you think Times Square sounds amazing.. Make sure you fork out the cash to pay for a hotel room with a view and spare yourself the trauma of starving yourself and soiling yourself for the sake of seeing some fireworks..

Or brave it and I’m sure it’ll be a night to remember even if not for the right reasons ๐Ÿ˜‰

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