Last night I arrived in New York!!

It was a very long day of flying- got up at 5am to head to the airport to arrive in New York at 5pm local time (10pm for my body). It was all good though as British Airways selected me for a free upgrade! So I got to fly in style and luxury! Loved it 🙂

When I arrived I made the long subway journey to the hostel and I’m surprised at how easily I get around, not been here for 2 years but remember where I’m going like it was yesterday.

When I arrived at HI Hostel NY the staff are so friendly and the place is buzzing! I attended the ‘global welcome party’ where I got free wine and met a bunch of Brazilians and a fun guy from China only he lives in Toronto. Afterwards we headed for Jakes Bar where we played flip cup and I actually drank beer! (Which I never drink.. Eugh) I’ve played flip cup before in Poland, it tends to be the international party game whenever I travel..

I had a lot of fun in Jakes but I soon started to get the tired bug.. So I headed back but stopping for my first slice of New York pizza before hitting the hay!

Today I’m going on a holiday tour to see all the beautiful window displays! Then I’m going to do a bit of shopping and wander around the south of Manhattan (my favourite part) hopefully it won’t rain too bad! Wrapping up still as it is mighty cold!


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