Want to travel but think you can’t afford it?

I urge you to think again.

This week I am enjoying a winter break with a few journeys..

Manchester -> Athens – £35
Athens -> Brussels – £32
Brussels -> Rotterdam – £1
Rotterdam -> Leeds – £12
Total – £80

And how much did you spend on that night out again?

I travel not only because it’s a real eye opener and I love to explore the world but also because I can… Cheap airfare and companies such as Megabus.com make it, now more than ever, possible to travel easily and cheaply.

With hostels in possibly every city it’s also easy to sleep cheap and meet people from all over the world.

Athens 3 nights – £33
Brussels 1 night – £15
Rotterdam 3 nights – £45
Total – £93

£173 for accommodation and transport and a weeks city break across 3 countries. Not too shabby if you ask me.

The beauty is you can take as much or as little spending money as you want. When you stay in hostels you’ll be surprised at how much free breakfast, dinner, alcohol, tours.. All sorts that you receive!

Next time you go a year without having a break and making excuses that holidays are too expensive. Just remember you probably spend more money on a binge out in your local at the weekend than you would jumping on a plane.

The prices quoted above are those I have paid for my trip November 2015, prices vary at the time of year you go obviously.

If you would like to go even cheaper than the above try the Baltic States, my eurotrip across 4 countries in June was much cheaper than this one so feel free to contact me for tips : )

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