Seat Guru by TripAdvisor

This site has already been around for some time however you may be like me and have only just come across it.

It was actually my gran that passed on knowledge of this site after she read about it in the paper and now that I’ve finally got round to googling it- it has its own app!

If you’ve not heard of Seat Guru before, this is a site that allows you to see inside the plane before you make that ever so important seat allocation choice. If you’re anything like me and mad about sitting by the window, this site makes you aware of any rows that don’t have a window. It also highlights potential danger seats by highlighting them in red and any issues you may encounter by sitting there.

Another highlight of the app is the inclusion of photographs, the ability to look up any flight route or plane you are booked on to and the option to make comments and add photos yourself.

So next time you want to pay for your seat use this nifty tool to check you aren’t stuck in the corner with no window and surrounded by toilet queues!

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