Bali sounds awesome. I definitely want to go there once. I have been thinking about taking a short trip to Iceland. It would be my first solo trip. So you have any tips ?

Hey there,

First solo trip is always a little nerve racking but definitely an experience whether you enjoy it or not and chances are you will!

Make sure you stay in a hostel as these are the best places to not only meet people also doing the same as you but also hear great recommendations on where to go and what to see on your trip.

Be prepared to be flexible. Often you might plan to do one thing but then meet a group of people doing another thing you hadn’t considered and you don’t want to have to turn down a chance of making new friends!

My first solo trip was spent at USA Hostels Hollywood. It was one of my greatest trips actually because I went with no itinerary, met 2 amazing girls I got on with like we’d known each other always and I ended up spending all my days there with the girls and others I met at the hostel. I was completely free to do whatever I wanted but at the same time tag along with new friends.

The only tips I can really give to you is be willing to throw yourself out there as if you have nothing to lose… Because you probably don’t.

Really enjoy every moment of it! Being on a trip solo is a really great chance to be in complete control of your holiday and you should take full advantage of that by doing all the things you love to do without having to negotiate or discuss with anyone else before doing them!

I hope you have a great trip, let me know how it goes!

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