Day 2 – Winging it

So I’ve still not read my Bali guidebook nor have I any idea what I want to visit here.

Luckily me meeting a random guy from England on day 1 definitely worked in my favour.

So day 2, I didn’t set an alarm as I figured I’d let my body take as much sleep as it needed and I had no plans. I woke up about 9am feeling fresh and headed for the free breakfast. Scrambled egg was so good! It was then I bumped into Matthew from England again.

He had hired a scooter for the day and wondered if I wanted to come out on it. We didn’t know where we were going but figured we’d just head south. Now I wouldn’t normally just jump on the back of a random guys scooter but when you’re travelling it seems that anything goes. He also had a full motorbike licence and seemed pretty sensible so I thought I’d go with it.

I was nervous at first but after a short while I became so comfortable I was chilling on the back watching everybody pass by. So interesting to see scooters with the excess of 4 people on them. Scooters with dogs on, babies and school children driving! Kind of crazy! But it made me feel safer, if they trust it so do I and sometimes you need to live like the locals.

We didn’t know where we were going but sometimes you’ve just got to hit the open road and drive.

After about 45 mins on the road we arrived at a very fancy closed off area where we realised we were at the fancy resorts Bali is well known for- the ultimate honeymoon locations. They didn’t check to make sure we were guests but I think our appearances got us in.

We strolled along the private beaches and admired the luxury resorts that probably don’t really cost much money to me and you but are perfect paradise.

We stopped for lunch where I enjoyed a few too many fresh strawberry juices before helping myself to my first giant coconut of the trip. Forgot how much liquid there was in these! Definitely worth trying a coconut if you ever get chance. They are very cheap in Asia, are NOT brown and furry but green unless you break the outside off. If you’ve ever had coconut products in Western countries.. This is not coconut- Bounty chocolate and anything with coconut does not taste like real coconut so you have no idea what coconut tastes like until you try a real one or buy expensive coconut water! And these things are extremely heavy so watch out for them falling from the trees!

After lunch we remembered that it gets dark early in Bali and so it was wise for us to head back up to Kuta to try and catch the sunset from the beach.

We didn’t quite make it in time but headed back to the hostel to drop off the scooter. This is the part where I fell asleep in a hammock and got my first bundle of mosquito bites!

Matthew woke me up and we headed back out into Kuta for dinner. We ended up having a drink in a bar first and they had this incredible band playing, they sounded very much like Foo Fighters and very western. Enjoyed there singing so much we ended up hanging around and in the end had to grab dinner from McDonalds as Matt needed to head back to the hostel for an early morning start the next day.

Overall another good day and whilst at the time we didn’t seem to do much. Looking back a few days in and I miss being on a scooter it was so relaxing and adventurous at the same time.

Sometimes life is about taking risks.

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