Mini Euro Trip

So as I have mentioned previously, I am heading to Estonia in June.Well originally I was due to fly there Saturday and fly home Wednesday. When I actually thought about it, I realised… what is the point in that? I have Thursday booked off work and as I don’t work weekends I suddenly came to me that I could just book Friday off work and be away for a further 4 nights! So, I won’t be getting my flight home from Tallinn any longer. What I’ll actually be doing is catching the bus down to Riga in Latvia and revisiting the hostel I had such a good time in this month. I’ll also be stopping over to grab a pint at the Ozzie bar, buy some more cheap clothes at the New Yorker store and hit the beach that I didn’t get chance to visit when I was last there. So I’m genuinely really excited about heading back there!

After I’m done in Riga, I’m actually heading over to Norway!! Finally, I get to visit a place in Europe that is at the top of my wishlist! And the thing that has been stopping me from going for so long, is the awful flight times from England to Oslo. You are always due to arrive there verging on midnight and as a solo female traveller I don’t want to rock up to a country I don’t know at such a late time at night. So flying from Riga to Oslo has cost me around £11 and will finally get me there! Bargain.

Alongside these countries i’ll also be popping over to Helsinki in Finland for the day whilst i’m in Estonia as i’ve heard great things about the beauty of the city.

So i’m looking forward to my euro trip in June, 4 countries in just 9 days!

I’ve also just spent my entire night making plans for my 25th birthday in August. Looks like I know where i’m going so i’m popping to my travel agent for an appointment in the morning and i’ll get everything booked then. Stay tuned!

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