Round the world ticket.. Planning begins.

Today I went into my local travel agent to get some ideas together. I am a fan of STA Travel so I tend to go to them for advice on what routes to take and just general ideas. I’ve been set on booking the one way ticket they offer that goes around the world, the route looks like this:

London -> Bangkok -> Sydney -> New Zealand -> Fiji -> LA -> New York -> London

I was going to switch Bangkok for another destination in Asia since I went there last year. And I’m keen to visit LA again since I loved the hostels there, my plan is to travel through the South as it’s the only part of the USA I haven’t visited yet.

After my visit to STA today, the girl I spoke with has given me so many ideas, it was great!

One thing she has recommended is that I get a one way ticket to Sydney. Since I don’t know when I’m going to come back, and I don’t want to be limited to a set route.. She suggest I just book the outward portion. It may end up costing me more than a return but as I was going to go back via USA, I wouldn’t be able to get a return anyway. I may have to keep Β£1000 in my bank to ensure I can get home but this way I’ll be able to choose exactly when I want to come home and be completely free as to what destinations I visit on my way back.

She gave me a quote for this October as if I was planning to go this year instead. I’m very happy with it and I think I know what I plan on doing now. Obviously, this itinerary will change between now and me booking in a years time! But one things for sure is that I will be visiting Asia on my way to Australia.. I just have to decide which parts to go for!

And if I’m super lucky. My flight may involve a stop over at my dream destination.. CHINA! πŸ˜€

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