So what’s going on now?

I am not very happy that I let myself neglect this blog over the past few months. Whilst I’ve continued to travel and have a few adventures, I just haven’t kept up with the blogging side after my life got hectic. But that will stop and I have lot’s of much needed posts to come.

So here’s what’s going on..

After my relationship ended I found the confidence I somehow forgot I had over the years. I became myself again and planned for me. I visited Italy in June and cycled all around Rome. Amazing ❤ I finally fulfilled my dream of travelling to Asia for my birthday. On top of this I also secured a position on a graduate program for a company that I love working for. This has set me up in the career field I never imagined I’d get into but it’s exactly what I always wanted. Alongside this I also finally got my own home. I love it, it’s exactly what I always wanted but never thought I’d get.

I’m not gunna lie and say life is perfect because it never is. I miss my other half practically everyday. It’s much harder than I ever imagined but the thing that keeps me going is the future. You don’t know what’s to come and if you look on the bright side then you can look forward to what is to come. Everything I’ve done over the past few years has got me to the position I’m in now and it’s a great start to my future. 

As for travelling, I’ve come to a bit of a standstill. I don’t know where to go?

I’m kind of in that position of deciding whether to go on a few trips over the next year or so or whether to save for one massive trip for after my graduate program ends. I’m working my job position for the next 2 years now but I’d still love to visit Australia and various parts of Asia.. At this present time I have the not-so-fun job of paying off my student debts. It’s no fun because it’s stopping me from travelling as much as I want. 

So perhaps I’ll take it easy for the next year. It might be the only year I ever don’t go somewhere crazy or you’ll probably see a post on here where I’ve made a spontaneous decision.

What do you suggest? I do have time booked off for November.. It would be a shame to waste it, don’t you think? 😉

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