One big leap.

It’s been over a month since I last updated and so I have a fair bit of news.

In August I’m visiting Asia for the first time! And it’s all officially booked. I’ll be heading to Bangkok and landing there on my birthday. I’ll post more details about the trip next month once it’s coming closer. At the moment it’s hard to think about much when this time next week i’ll actually be in Italy!

So a bit of news, I was supposed to be saving money for my big trip to Australia. Truth is, I just couldn’t wait that long to go somewhere. With everything that happened between me and my partner this year, I felt well and truly in need of a break. Because of this, I decided to treat myself to any place in the world to visit for my birthday. So I went for the place I’ve been thinking about the most.. Thailand.

I still plan to head to Australia. I think about my future travels constantly. But at this time, I not only love my job but I’m happy in the place I’m in. I have good opportunities coming my way including a job interview for a higher position at the company I’m in and in the right sector I want to work in. Whilst I don’t think you should let anything come in the way of your passion and drive you away from doing what you love. I also believe that you should do what makes you happy. I will leave for Australia when I’m ready. Luckily for me, the longer I stall it.. the more money I can take with me.

I’ve planned out the before and after trip to go with Australia (as I plan to book a round-the-world flight) so the more money I can accumulate the better! I’ll definitely post more details up when I get back from Asia. I think Thailand may just trigger the travel bug again.

For now I need to have my holidays to give me my fix. Next week I head to Italy, the following month Thailand, then November I hope to head to somewhere else new.

Above is a photograph of where I will be spending my last few days in Thailand. Here’s to an unforgettable summer!

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