Hi Sophie, I’ve just been accepted at Catalina Island as a sales associate and I noticed that you lost the job because of a change in state law. What was this change? I’m just trying to determine if the same might happen to me :) Luke

Heyy the reason why I lost my job was because the dates we were allowed to work for got reduced. Originally we were allowed to stay until September 30th but this got shortened to September 15th out of my control. It was down to getting the end dates to coincide with the start of term at uni. My employer panicked as there wouldn’t be any staff to cover those last 2 weeks. I was offered my position on the condition that I agree to work illegally until the 30th. Rather than agree to that I lost my job.

I highly doubt that will happen again, it’s very unlucky. But bare in mind that you never have a contract and with American employers they can terminate your job, cut your hours or get rid of you without notice and whenever they feel like it. It’s pretty worrying but a good reason to stay flexible and be up for working whatever is thrown at you. It’s not like working in England with the great comfort of knowing about all our employment laws. But don’t let it put you off, work hard and you will get all of the incentives too.

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