It’s been a while since I last posted because I left the US and returned back to England. I’d like to share some news since I returned.

I got my flight back safely and landed in London on time before catching the train back to my hometown. Being home was much easier than I was expecting after 5 months away. Seeing my boyfriend again was like I never left and with my friends we just talked like we’d seen each other yesterday. I think it proved to me I can just keep doing crazy things like this because I come back and nothing’s even changed. The town remains the same aswell only I notice the people moaning a lot more now.

Since being back, I’ve thought about America and there are things I miss but there are too many good things in England that I’m glad to return to. My bedroom and the food are two of them. The nice people of Fish Creek are also slightly better company than the moaning Minnie’s of my hometown also.

But overall, I’m glad to be back. I think any longer and it would have been too long but any sooner and it may have been too soon. Turns out 5 months is about the perfect amount of time to be away.

Here’s to my next adventure!

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