Washington DC – Day 1

So lets try remember what I can. I arrived at the hostel about 2pm absolutely starving. So my first stop after check in was China Town (after grabbing a Starbucks from the Hyatt hotel). I could tell today was going to just be a doss day where I’d wander around with no real plan.

I arrived at China town and soon found there was nothing to do here. (I would later learn that whilst the arches are the biggest in America, the Chinatown itself is the smallest one in America).

So that’s when I wrote my last entry in Merzi. After this I headed down to the mall and walked towards the White House (pictured above). I was quite surprised the way it was, when you see it on TV it just looks loads bigger. I’d hate to live there, right in the middle of everything with no friggin garden! The grass they have is all viewable to the public. When the Obama’s came out the other day they had to move all the public really far back so they could walk around the grounds.. Seems silly to me, why don’t they just fence it off like Buckingham palace..

After I’d been here I sat on the grass outside the White House and realized I was really tired.. So I headed back to the hostel.

Now it was time for a night tour of George Town. It was here that I learned the Australian I met in Philadelphia (Tom) was also staying in the same hostel as me.

In Georgetown we headed around the streets, saw one of the presidents houses but I can’t remember whose it was lol maybe Kennedy? Then we visited the university which was really nice and great to do a tour of. I don’t think il be going back there anytime soon though unless I can find 60 grand a year.

During the tour I heard a guy talking about how he supports Leeds United, so I spent the night chatting with him. He was from Manchester and had just took a sabbatical from work as a primary school teacher to go travelling and working in Australia before turning that dreaded visa-restricted-age of 30.

When we reached the stairs that were featured in The Exorcist movie, the hostel started a pull up contest. (Pictured above) There’s a bar you can use next to the stairs and so the tour guide challenged the guys to do 29 pull ups – Tom won. The day ended with another guy from Australia, we all walked back to Washington and went searching for Twinkie’s in CVS.. We didn’t find any.

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