One stolen bike.

Yesterday, after finishing work just before sunset I was all set to go on the sunset trail- my favorite thing to do.

I went to my bike rack all set only to find my bike was gone.

I can’t even explain how upsetting/frustrating/such a pain in the..

Without a car, your bike in door county is your baby. It’s your favorite past time, your way of filling a day off, your way of relieving stress and even your way of getting to work. Not only that, it’s your freedom.

Without my bike I am literally stuck in front of a TV set. Not only that, I can’t even get to work at my second job on time now. It even means I’ll be walking home in the dark which somehow seems a let less safe than the way I used to speed down the path in seconds on my bike.

I’m pretty shocked just because I never expected this of Fish Creek.

My friends in England and other parts of America don’t seem to understand what losing your bike is like here. So to put it into context: Imaging the place you work. If it’s in a city, imagine it’s actually a small town. Now, imagine you are stuck in that small town EVERY DAY with no possible way of leaving. You can’t jump on a bus because public transport doesn’t exist. You can’t walk away because the nearest town is 4 miles away and you’re surrounded by highways.

It’s definitely not a way of life I would choose. Luckily I have met a lot of people just by working at the market. The customers are so sweet, a lot of them are now not just on a look out for my bike, but also looking through their things to see if they can lend me a bike! It’s so sweet. But they all know how much I liked my bike because they’d see me riding around on it everyday lol

Just a shame this happened just before my only day off of the week. So tomorrow will be pretty boring lol

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