A little about my new job

I started working at a cafe/ restaurant over a week ago now and wow that week has gone fast.

I work as a hostess 3 evenings a week and I actually really like it. I finish my 8 hour shift at the market at 4pm and begin my evening shift at the cafe straight after. The job involves me greeting customers then showing them to their table before reading them the special. I also help out the servers by bussing their tables and just running around to help. I like it though because I get a cut of the tips. Also it’s fast paced so the time flies and I get exercise and keep busy.

I thought it would be a lot harder to cope with these hours but it’s actually fine because I make sure I get the right amount of sleep. The only time it’s a pain is when I get woken up during the night by certain things…

But anyway the best perk of my job is the free meal I get on my shift! I can take it home with me or before I start I can come in early and eat it in the restaurant. I usually choose the second option. It’s like getting to eat out at a restaurant 3 times a week. Not bad when the meals, if I had to pay tip and tax, would be costing me next to $20 each.

So an update from me, I’m making more money and saving a bunch on food. My $10 a day budget that i’m supposed to be sticking to.. Actually sometimes doesn’t even get touched lol. I mean how often do you spend money? I can’t buy any gifts or clothes because I can’t get them home and I already bought a bunch of purses. I’m not even needing to pay for food 3x a week now so that’s great. It’s all going in my travel fund 🙂

On Tuesday I should be going swimming and tubing. But because the temperature has dropped drastically this week to the low 50s/high 40s, compared to last week where it was 90, I really don’t fancy swimming! But we’ll see how I feel on Tues.

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