Bad timing, but at least I’ll be rich..

So I have been offered the job as a hostess at a local cafe and motel. It’s been approved and I’m going to be working 15 to 20 hours a week. I did this to give me chance to save even more dollars. I told them I want to keep my 2 days off a week so I can enjoy my time off here still.

So everything was fine until today..

My boss wanted my advice about whether to fire someone on Monday. I told him to give the guy a second chance and see how it goes from there. So my boss gave him a warning on Monday.. Anyway, came back today from my 2 days off and found out the guy has quit, So now we’re one staff member down.

Which can only mean one thing: Overtime.

I had to tell my boss about the second job I just got cos he was about to change some of my shifts around. He also might want me to work the mornings of my days off to help out.

So that could take me up to around 60-70 hours per week.. Might die but I guess at least il have lots of money and its only for the summer I suppose.

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