If I disappear.. It’s because I was eaten alive.

I didn’t really wanna put this picture up cos it’s not a nice thing to have on a travel journal so I might take it down eventually.. But bugs are eating me everywhere I go.. I don’t know if you can tell by the photo but my ankle is really swollen. It was attacked by something deadly…perhaps: a mosquito. But it’s not just one ankle on one foot, it’s one on each!

At this moment in time I have 15 insect bites, including one on my face, 2 on the back of my leg where my joint is (ow), 3 on my toes and the rest all over my arms and legs and feet.

What the hell is biting me? My boss says because I sat on the cobblestone beach for a while.. It could be spider bites. I felt them crawling up my back, so it could be.

But I thought i’d share my travel experience.. the worst part is the bugs!

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