Today I spent my day off around and about. I met James (the Irish guy I work with) outside of work and he drove me to Walmart where I spent an hour stocking up on food. Should last me a few weeks at least. When I got back it was already midday so I didn’t want to go too far because me and Pamela (My roomate) were gunna head for burgers before 8pm at the Stillwaters Grill where they do burger and fries for $4 on a Tuesday and Weds.

So I decided to cycle to Ephraim. It’s around 4 miles from Fish Creek but it takes a while because the hills are so steep! I was incredibly out of breath both ways, it was pretty awful.

But when I got there because I was so hot I decided to go for Ice Cream at the famous Wilson’s i’d heard so much about.

It’s been there since 1906 which is considered pretty historical in America. It really was good though so worth raving about. I think it was the best ice cream i’ve ever had. I went for the flavour ‘Mackinac Island Fudge’. Mostly because I like fudge but also because Mackinac Island is on my list of places I really must visit!

Because I had to spend $10 in there as a minimum (I had no cash only my card) I ended up buying the ice cream and a couple of magnets. The woman said I could get two 2-scoop waffle cones for $10. I don’t know why American’s think everyone can eat so much food cos honestly I got one 1-scoop with no waffle cone and it was bigger than a bowl of ice cream 😮

Anyway, I was supposed to cycle to Sister Bay today which is 8 miles away from Fish Creek but the humidity was a bit too much for me. The storm is coming.. So i’ll cycle that after next week (Next week i’m busy with Independance day celebrations!)

Instead I just ended up falling asleep by the harbor in the sun. I carried on reading my book aswell. It’s an Ann Rule crime file book which features real crimes that have happened. She tells them like a story and they’re so interesting. Kinda scares me a bit though.. You never really trust anybody! But yeh, easier to relate to when i’m living over here.

So after chilling and getting an almost burnt face, I cycled back and we went for burgers. My roomate is born and raised in the USA but at the age of 19 she moved to France to study. She lived there for 7 years and built a life there. We got chatting about citizenship and she said it was the only reason she came back.. No visa. It expires after studying. She had a whole life over there and nothing here and the visa laws are so rubbish that she has to come back here because she can’t legally continue her life there.

Luckily I would never wanna live in America permanently but I can imagine if I built a life here it would be sad to leave. I feel sorry for her cos her heart lies in France and she speaks fluent French now because she was there for so long. I can imagine how it must feel.

We had some drinks afterwards and I met another of her workmates. Looking forward to going to the bar again Thursday for open mic night, should be good!

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