An introduction to my new home

So its’s occurred to me that because I only got my job the day before leaving for the States, I haven’t really talked about where i’m located. So here’s a little about my new home: Fish Creek.

I live in a small town called Fish Creek. It is here on this very blurry map:

Fisk Creek is part of Door County. Kind of like Ilkley is part of West Yorkshire.

Door County is part of the state of Wisconsin, just like West Yorkshire is part of Yorkshire.

And overall, Wisconsin is part of the United States just like Yorkshire is part of England.

Now that’s in simple terms.. you know where I am. And to put it in context:

I live on the edge of Lake Michigan, a 4 hour drive from Chicago and surrounded by the states of Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

Fish Creek feels kind of like being in the middle of nowhere especially when I have no car. By bike I can reach Ephraim which is 4 miles away. It is the only dry town in Door County (No alcohol..). I can also reach Egg Harbour if I ride for around 6 miles.

I work in Fish Creek and live in Fish Creek so I spend a lot of my time here but on my days off I plan to bike out of town. Sometimes I get driven to the nearby towns to go get some shopping from Walmart and Target.

So thats a bit about the town I live in. It has a small beach, a national park, lots of greenery and woods, cute shops, restaurants and a harbour. It has enough to keep me occupied for the summer.

The weather here is very humid so we get a lot of storms. But when it stops raining it is great for sunbathing and bike rides.

There we go 🙂

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