A Monthly Update: Where I’m At Now :D

I got my passport back today!! It’s armed with a US visa and a lovely M.. Which means I’m allowed to leave the US and re-enter the country anytime whilst i’m over there. That means my trip to Canada is confirmed and if I fancy it, I can even visit Mexico 😛

In other news.. What else is going on?

Well, i’m still studying Japanese and I love it 😀 I really want to continue it in October but i’m just not sure whether I should.. It’s so hard thinking ahead as i’ll be a graduate and I might be in work or have relocated..

I’m also not sure whether to change to learning Chinese instead before it’s too late. I know that sounds a bit crazy but i’m not sure whether it will be more beneficial for me when I have such an interest in visiting the place. At the same time though, i’m probably more likely to teach in Japan if I can make it onto the JET program..hmm, decisions!

I went to a study abroad fair the other day and it was so useful! Made some really good connections and i’m now in the progress of securing an internship in China! I just can’t commit to doing it yet because i’m so busy and have no idea what month I wanna go in next year! I’m thinking October so I can be over there when the Chinese New Year begins, what do you think? 🙂

Just realised this blog entry is turning into an essay.. haha 2 more things before I go:

I’ve not missed the deadline for the TUI graduate scheme but I have missed the start date :/ Meaning I can apply but I can’t be back in time to start on it.. So there’s really no point in applying yet! I can imagine it’s really really competitive to get on as most graduate schemes are.. If you’ve ever done it, let me know. So yeh, I’ll have to apply for that next year I guess to start the following year.. We’ll see though, it’s something I really wanna do but as it’s in England I need to make sure i’m done with all my international opportunities before I go for it!

And finally, I have an interview on Friday 😀 It’s to volunteer in Asia, I really really want it so fingers crossed it goes well!

I feel like I literally caught the travel bug a few years ago but after a talk with my dad the other day, I found out a few things I never knew before.. My grandad used to travel everywhere for his job, he worked in Iran and the middle east and was never in England 😮 Then my dad worked in Israel! Never knew that.. Always knew my mum worked in Spain and my gran has been travelling for as long as I can remember.. But overall, i’m now not surprised that I get such a rush out of exploring.. Even just sitting on a coach for 5hrs is a treat for me.. I like to look out of the window -_- ha.

So yeh, that is it for now 😛 The next time I do an update I can imagine will be when I’m in packing stage for America.

I leave in 5 weeks on Monday!!

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