Breakdown of costs for Work America 2013

In case any potential Work America applicants are interested, these are the costs for Bunac’s 2013 Work America program.

Bare in mind were in February and costs do rise the later you apply. Costs for accommodation and uniforms also vary depending on your job and this will just give you the general idea of how much you should expect to pay 😉

Paid so far:

£100 Access to job zone
£239 Bunac Fee for program
£209 5 months insurance & DS-2019

Still to pay/save for:

£700(+-) Flexible flight
£135 Visa fee
£50 Travel to London embassy appointment
$600 Spending money
$150 Housing deposit

So in total that’s a whopping £2033 i’d say you need as a minimum!

I’ve also gotta factor in other travel costs such as..

£50 travel to UK airport
£100 Internal flight from NYC to CA
£400 NYC accommodation
£150 California accommodation
£80 Travel to Catalina Island
£60 Airport transfers

And if i don’t earn enough whilst i’m out there to fund my travelling after, I might need about an extra £600 on top of all that! Wow.. that’s a lot of money.

Total: £3463

But i’d say totally worth it for 5 months of living in America and travelling!
Besides.. after tax and housing deductions, the minimum i’ll earn out there is $3444 + a hefty bonus. So it pretty much pays for itself anyway!

Yay bring on Summer ❤

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