A career full of adventures.

This week has been a really great one, besides finding out I got the job in California, I also had an employability week at Uni.

So basically all week i’ve been attending international events about working abroad, learning new languages, becoming involved with international events and even volunteering. It’s been so great, kudos Leeds Met!

This week has really opened up my eyes to a lot of opportunities I wasn’t aware of before. I’m so excited to graduate and just get stuck in there now that I know what’s out there 😛

I know I have a lot of crazy ideas and i’m extremely ambitious but it’s just part of who I am. I don’t feel complete if i’m not aiming for something beyond the norm so just leave me to it and if it doesn’t happen I’ll find something else just as exciting to do..

So, this blog post is just going to be about a few of the opportunities I’ve learnt about this week and am now seriously considering. So excited!

International mentoring
So I went to this class without really knowing what an international mentor was. I’m already a student ambassador and an international mentor is actually a very similar role but even more interesting in my eyes. It involves greeting new students who have come from international countries to study at Leeds Met. Apparently as a mentor you attend events, run events and hang out with internationals introducing them to the country and life in Leeds. It’s a chance to meet people from all over the World including locations like Australia, America, Asia and all over Europe ❤ I have an event next week where i’ll get to be a mentor and see what it’s like, so we’ll see how that goes! It’s also a good opportunity to be involved with volunteering.

Learning a language 
I already knew I wanted to learn a language and I actually nearly signed up last year and the year before (Kind of regretting that I didn’t now..). But anyway, there’s no time like the present. This week was about discovering exactly which language I want to learn. So, I took 2hr classes in Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese 🙂 I always wanted to learn Spanish and thanks to this employability week I found out exactly which language I wanna take further. It’s Japanese!! Not what I was expecting at all since my main desire is to visit China ❤ But I enjoyed the class so much. The tutor was very very good and I am so psyched about the thought of being taught by her. She also told me about possibilities to teach in Japan on the ‘JET program’ definitely something i’d consider if things went well. She even said one of her students did it after 2 years and she’s almost fluent in Japanese now, wow 😮

I actually only heard of this a few weeks ago. TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) has been mentioned in every class this week. I was considering it before this week but now i’m even more interested in it! It’s very cheap for a basic qualification and even after obtaining that you can top it up in the future. The course is 140 hours so I’d need to spend about 6 months taking it I’d say. If I got the qualification i’d be able to teach children English in almost every country, Asia especially. I’d also be able to teach English to International students during the summer in the UK. It really does open a lot of doors. I like the idea of teaching in Japan but also China. I know Disney do a ‘Teach English in China with Disney’ program but you do need 2 years teaching experience. That’d be amazing but obviously not something i’d be able to do for a long while.

Obviously, i’m not going to just jump into a career of teaching English abroad (I might hate it)I think a bit of experience would be beneficial, so that brings me to my next opportunity..


International volunteering
Whilst being a student at Leeds Met, I actually have the option of volunteering abroad with an added 30% discount. That’s impressive and I think it needs to be taken advantage of. The countries on offer and the amazing charities and causes you help out with are just unbelievable. This week I learnt about some of the causes and it’s so sad. I’d really like to volunteer and help out where I can. There’s only 1 program i’d be eligible for because i’m away all summer. Luckily it’s a program that i’m pretty sure would be my first choice anyway because of the location and the cause. 

It takes place in December 2013 and involves volunteering for 3 weeks in India. It would be a massive culture shock as I’ve never been to Asia but it would be a challenge I really want to face to be honest. I think i’m likely to come home with a whole new appreciation of life (I can imagine). The volunteering would also involve teaching English to children so perhaps good work experience for me too. There’s also the option to travel for a week with the group, definitely wouldn’t miss out on that!



I think that’s about everything so far. This week, has literally shaped my next year. I know plans change and everything, but I like to follow an idea and see where it takes me. 

So far I have:

May – October – Working in USA
October – Level 1 Japenese P/T
December – Volunteering in India
January – TEFL 

I know people think i’m mental for planning so much but I actually can’t help it. The thing is, nowadays everything has to be applied for so far in advance. So even if I think I want to study Japanese and volunteer in India, I pretty much need to know for sure before March when applications open! We live in a very fast moving world.

But anyway, I guess we’ll see what happens 🙂 I’ve applied for another internship I really want in America too though so I guess if I get that I’ve gotta rethink everything anyway! ha 

(Might I just add, I haven’t forgotten about the exciting trip i’m taking in February. Just seen an advert on TV for the country which reminds me I really need to get planning for that… eek)

Here’s to 2013!

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