My first American job interview!

My interview went quite well I thought 🙂 It’s really hard to tell though..

I was very nervous and worried that Skype wouldn’t work, it even disconnected halfway through!

It was quite a friendly but professional chat that lasted around 40 minutes and it was mostly her asking me about my retail experience.

She asked me what kind of places i’d worked at and for how long. What my duties were and what a typical day was like.

She also asked me if I had experience of sharing a room/flat with people, which I did from living in Florida.

She also went over the job description and what i’d be doing there 🙂

I managed to answer all the questions okay and even ask her some at the end, it’s very daunting being on Skype with someone you don’t know at first 😮

But anyway, I feel I need to stay optimistic. 

She told me they are hiring for around 14 positions, 2 hotel staff and 2 retail for the Summer and they’ve already hired 1 person. It’s a lot more competitive than I thought as she’s interviewing loads of people from places all over Europe for only a tiny amount of positions!

If I get through it will be a massive achievement as I’ll have been chosen to be part of only a select few 😛 But if I don’t get through I should still feel pleased that I got this far 😀

Fingers Crossed for me..


So, that was me 2 weeks ago.. stay tuned for my next post. =’]

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