Adventure is out there!

Last night I had a spontaneous moment and booked my next adventure!

I’m so excited!

It’s to a place I’ve never been to in Europe and a place I can’t wait to go! It’s got loads of history and culture and I can imagine is a lot different to England.

I’m going in February and I’ve booked it for a getaway with my boyfriend for Valentines day ❤ I’m not sure if he’ll be able to afford to visit me in the States so I’ve booked this holiday just in case he doesn’t get to go away this year..

I’m missing a bit of Uni again like I did with Vegas but it’s my final year and did anyone notice last time… NOPE. I’m in my classes so often I think I deserve to miss the occasional 1% a year to go travelling.. Can’t help it!

But anyway.. I can’t say where i’m going in case he reads this. But I’m determined to make 2013 even better than last year and I had to spill the beans somewhere 😛

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