Got back from Las Vegas yesterday. Erghh hate being back already! It’s so miserable here raining all the time lol

I had a wonderful experience though. Not amazing (doesn’t come close to being as good as New York) but definitely an experience. Vegas is really something else!

I wish England was as laid back as Vegas. You can literally walk anywhere with a beer in your hand, including shops.. You can go shopping whilst drinking alcohol haha. Ace.

We also hired a Ford Mustang and drove through Arizona on Route 66, stayed in a ghost town then visited the Grand Canyon!

Brilliant. I will definitely re-visit the Canyon when I drive Route 66 in a few years. I wanna spend a few days there and take a mule down to the bottom.

Anywayy in regards to working in America June 2013.. I’m definitely going to stick to the East Coast 🙂  I get the feeling I won’t be keen on California (I can imagine it being similar to Miami) So i’m gunna stay clear of the South coast until I drive there in the future for a quick visit 🙂

So now Las Vegas is over… Gotta start planning my next trip 😛

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