Nuremberg, Germany

24 hours in Nuremberg – Germany

During my summer Eurotrip across Austria, I crossed in to Germany and flew out from there. Before home I had one final night in the small city of Nuremberg and boy am I glad that I did.

This is a really historical little Bavarian city bursting with culture and beautiful architecture.


I stayed at Five Reasons Hostel which is a small place located very central within walking distance of the train station, subway station to the airport and all main attractions.

I arrived late morning after jumping on my Flixbus straight from Munich. I knew i’d only have the day to explore Nuremberg so I didn’t want to waste any time. As soon as I’d checked in to the hotel I jumped at the chance to take a free walking tour! I was collected from the hostel and taken straight to Nürnberg Hauptmarkt. I was lucky to be able to catch the tour on one of the only days they offer it. You can find out more about the only free tour in Nuremberg here.


I’m glad I did the city tour as it helped me get my bearings of the city. Before I arrived I was expecting that perhaps I wouldn’t need a day and there wouldn’t be much to see. I was wrong, the city was beautiful and on a sunny day there was more than enough to fill even a few days.


Nürnberg Hauptmarkt

Starting point for the walking tour, this is the main square where you will find the markets taking place on a Saturday. It is also where you can catch the Männleinlaufen (a short dancing clock show) at noon everyday. Surrounded by tourist gift shops and places to grab a bite to eat this is a pretty little square.


Schöner Brunnen

There is also Schöner Brunnen which was originally going to be placed on top of the church you can watch the Männleinlaufen but they felt it was too beautiful and wouldn’t be seen clearly when placed so high. Therefore they kept it on street view for everybody to admire. Make sure you rub the lucky black ring (not gold) to bring yourself happiness and good fortune!



Nuremberg Castle

Hard to miss, looking out on the city, the castle is a must visit as always. I do love to visit castles and i’m always excited when I learn a city has one! Something about the history that draws me in. Definitely walk up here for far reaching views of Nuremberg as you can really see the beautiful architecture once you’re up here.


I was lucky enough to catch a Medieval festival whilst I was here for the day. I could hear the music playing from the castle and after wandering around the walls for a bit I saw fire shows, live music and all sorts of costumes. A great atmosphere and a really perfect end to my 2 week trip!


This German fountain is supposed to show the stages of marriage from dating to death! I actually loved this fountain as I found it to be so utterly random that it was entertaining to look at.


Pegnitz River

The Pegnitz river flows through Nuremberg and I feel it makes the city look so picturesque. I was lucky enough to catch the sunset and take some beautiful photos night and day.



All the greenery

One thing I did do whilst here was grab my lunch, my blanket and my sunglasses to go chill in the nearest park. Thankfully there is a lot of greenery in Nuremberg meaning I was able to easily walk to the nearest green space and make the most of the September sun rays one last time before returning to a not so sunny England!



My favourite part of Nuremberg and what I like to call – The pretty street! This street is made up of old half timber architecture in beautiful colours. I never would have discovered this street if it wasn’t for the walking tour so i’m glad I did it!



Because I was there on a Saturday this meant.. Markets everywhere! It also made way for the quirky street performers that are let loose when streets are busy.

I actually loved Nuremberg and it was a lot better than I expected. Definitely a hidden gem and one i’ll revisit!




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