Spam in Hawaii

Today will be my last day in Hawaii as I catch an early morning flight out tomorrow on to my next destination!

I’ve really liked Hawaii, it’s a very nice relaxing place with a good vibe. I would return here with my boyfriend and explore more of the hikes around the craters on the island however for me alone, I’m ready to move on. It’s a very beautiful place and would be made miles better having someone to watch the shows and swim in the sea with.

Today I have walked along Waikiki beach one last time admiring some of the luxury resorts before having dinner once again at the Royal Hawaiian Centre which is basically just a fancy food court.

Not really done much at all today but admired the beauty of the crystal clear blue waters and the islands shops that are all full of the same Hawaiian gifts.

This is really a great place for relaxing and so I’ve chilled out a lot here, next I head to LA where I’ll be rushed off my feet and I’m sure- feeling ready to return to Hawaii by the end of the week!

Not sure what I’ll do tonight but as my flight pickup is at 5am, an early sleep is sounding very good right now. May have to do what I did the first night here and fall asleep in front of the sunset again.

After writing this I left the food court and ended up at the annual Spam Festival! I’ve never tasted spam but it does sound good the way they cook it so perhaps I will have to give it a go one day!

There were stalls all down a long street all just selling spam related food! Hawaii is the biggest consumer of the food so they sell it everywhere even in McDonalds!

After this I headed for one more pretzel at the mall. They were even showing a movie in the park so I sat down for a while watching The Incredibles. Made me a little homesick but I’d been craving watching a Disney movie for a while so happy it was that one!

As I walked back it began to rain and I felt that maybe now is a good time to leave the state- on a high with a good memory of the place 🙂

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