The disadvantages of travelling solo

One thing everybody must always keep in mind is: You can’t please everybody.

That means as hard as you try, you will never get on with everyone.

So before I start my blog on how awesome Bali is, I’ll just explain the not so fun elements.

I am now living the sweet life blogging in my air conditioned room with the Disney channel on, but it took an argument and way too much stress to get to this point, which I definitely don’t need on my holiday.

When travelling you should always be considerate of others in your room but at the same time, you should also make allowances and appreciate that everybody is different.

Unfortunately, through being only unlucky- I am currently in Bali on a tour and have been paired with a girl that could not be any more opposite to me.

Her desire to be in bed super early I can live with. Whilst I’m the idiot getting in at 5am, I respect that it is early and so I’m quiet but at the same time I expect others to appreciate that this is also my holiday and so we are both entitled to do what we want.

Tonight I went for a group dinner, unfortunately my roommate “didn’t feel like coming out” so she stayed in. Fine no problem… Only we check out tomorrow and I need to pack. So naturally I come back early whilst everyone else also leaves the dinner to go back and pack. I get to my room and whilst early, she is already asleep. After explaining I need to turn the light on to pack, it was tense enough trying to pack on edge, trying to be quiet. I then get asked if the lights can be switched to the lamps. I go with I can barely see a thing. Next thing I hear is ‘are you going to be long’.. But this is breaking point for me.

I just want to be chilled on my holiday and feel like my room is somewhere I can hang.. But I don’t feel like that at all here.

The thing that has definitely pushed me over is the air con. Now it’s 30 degrees in Bali. I am paying for a deluxe air conditioned room, who wouldn’t want that? I know who… My roommate.

So there I am attempting to pack in the dark sweating my face off because the room is hotter than outside and my roommate is there laying in a hoodie freezing despite the air con being off… And I’m made to feel like the awkward one?

After getting permission to put it back on, I head outside to wait for it to cool down in the room so I can return and pack. Obviously I get back and the air con has been switched off again.. “Too cold”

That was the final straw for me. If I had more money I’d even consider walking out on this tour and doing my own thing. What absolutely sucks is the people are really nice but there are 17 of us and really only about 4 of us who are interested in staying out late and having fun which I’m really surprised at. Whilst Bali is lovely, I definitely don’t feel like I’m on holiday.

Had the most amazing birthday but that could possibly be because I lost everybody, found friends I met previously and didn’t stay in the horrible sauna room.

Unfortunately this is the gamble you take when you book to go on tours.

What I have definitely learnt… I am way too independent and interested in doing what I choose to ever travel as part of a group again.

In conclusion, I am now sharing rooms with one of the guys from Mexico. Whilst I feel uncomfortable sharing a room with a man I don’t even know.. I’d take that over staying in the other room any day. And what sucks is I haven’t even packed so I have to go back to the room at 7am and do it then.. Will probably end up waking her up again also :/ oh well.

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