2015 Resolutions

I always write my goals at the end of the year ready for the following year. Taken a while to post this time as I’ve found it a bit more difficult to come up with some goals! I achieved so much last year that I literally am running out of things I want to achieve.. Which is great! Except it’s got to the point now where the things I want require me to sit saving for a long time! So here’s what I have for this year..

1. Visit a country from my bucketlist.


2. Watch all of the Top Gear Specials.


3. Pay off all my credit card debt so I can begin repaying my overdraft and saving for Australia! I’m determined to be there for NYE 2016!


4. Watch all the classic movies that everyone goes on about. (This has literally been my goal for years now, I still need to watch Star Wars!)


5. Go on holiday with my gran. We’re thinking a Nile Cruise and Cairo if it’s safe enough.


6. Complete the half marathon. This year I’m taking part in the London Moonwalk raising money for breast cancer charities. It will take a lot of training but I’d like to complete it in around 3 hours if I can!

7. Actively go to the gym and get into shape. (I’m not trying to lose weight, just want to feel stronger and better about myself)

8. Enrol at University again. I want to continue learning Spanish but this time with university students so I can join some societies and get involved with some of the events.

9. Start cycling again. I want to participate in some Skyrides this year and take some more city cycling tours around the world. Now that I have my own bike I need to start using it!

10. Finish reading my books. I have so many I own left to read and so many books on my wishlist it’s getting ridiculous now.

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