How to travel cheap!


Right, I’m sick of people saying to me “you’re going away, again?!”. As if it’s impossible to see the world without being a millionaire. I’m fortunate that at 23 with still living at home with my parents I have no outgoings other than a phone bill, a gym membership and the odd store card payment….

When I first met Charlotte we were working in a clothes store on minimum wage. I was only 17 but I was still visiting 4 countries a year. It was at that time I remember getting that comment the most.. That “how do you afford it” comment. And Charlotte is right, it’s simple.. So read her guide and this is what I do too. The only comment I will add is that if you’re using skyscanner you can actually search for an entire month at a time and see the cheapest day to fly in the month, it’s how I booked my flight last night! Brilliant.

So if you want to travel, what’s stopping you?

How to travel cheap!

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  1. Reblogged this on One Sophie – One Backpack and commented:

    Four years ago my friend Charlotte and I wrote about how you can easily travel cheaply without having to sacrifice any of the luxuries you might want from a holiday! The key is to know what you’re doing when it comes to booking your flights! Of course a bit of budgeting goes a long way too 😉 But nothing has changed in the last four years when it comes to planning and booking my adventures, i’m still able to easily go away for peanuts. This year I visited Gran Canaria from the UK for less than £100, that included flights and accommodation for 3 nights!

    So check out Charlotte’s website within my original blog post and if you want some help with your trip planning just give me a shout. I love planning adventures.


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