I’ve really struggled to keep this up to date as I’ve been so busy!

So to start with let’s talk about Chicago.

When I arrived the weather was horrible.. Would not stop raining, and it did it all night. So I decided to just go get pizza at 7eleven (99c slices..love them) and then I got an early night to get up in time for breakfast the next day.

At breakfast I met a very camp- but hilarious guy from Jacksonville, Florida. We had great conversation and we definitely hit it off but he was leaving and I had a busy day planned so we said our goodbyes.

Because I talked with him for over an hour it put me behind a little with my schedule. I planned to go shopping and then take my bike hike at 1pm.

I never meant for shopping to turn into what it did but somehow I managed to spend my entire shopping budget of $400 in my first day. So no more shopping for me! In my defense I did get a pandora charm, a bunch of outfits I can wear to look different in my photos and my fave nail varnish from Sephora so I’m pleased with those. It did however result in binning a lot of the contents of my suitcase!

Next stop, after dropping my bags off at the hostel, was to head for my bike tour. It was such a perfect sunny day for this.

Of course I left way too late and ended up convincing myself there was no way I’d make it. They say arrive at 12:40 to check in and get ur bike, I got there around 12:59! I was gutted as I got completely lost and ended up running around the streets of Chicago like a crazy person.

Luckily, I made it in time and I was first to be issued my bike (being the shortest in the group has its benefits). My tour guide was great- funny, enthusiastic and the whole tour ran at a steady pace. It was really good to just ride in the middle of the road in a massive city but still feel totally safe. My bike was incredibly comfy aswell, he said they cost about $700 a bike..wow.

The tour took me to Lincoln park where we stopped for a quick break and I bought my cute Chicago bear water bottle from the zoo. We also went through the Gold Coast and saw the original Playboy mansion. We went through Viagra triangle which is where all the pervy old men take their mistresses. We went through the park that used to be a graveyard until they moved all the bodies out.. We also saw the building Oprah lives in, she has the entire top 2 floors. Afterwards we cycled about a mile back along Lake Michigan, it’s beautiful. And we ended on Navy Pier where I said goodbye to Chicago.

The next day I would take flight to Philadelphia.

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