A quiet week

The past few days have hit me the hardest. I don’t know if it’s homesickness or boredom or maybe the fact that i’ve officially been here for 1 month. But either way, i’ve found myself going from one extreme to the other in my mood. At times, I want to just change my flight and be on the next plane home tomorrow just so I can be around family for the summer and back to the local amenities I miss so much. But then other times: I think of how I don’t have a thing to worry about here and theres no drama like there is in Ilkley.. and that makes me wanna stay.

So on Friday I was really upset. I think it’s mostly because i’m feeling lonely.. I don’t really have anyone I can just hang out with and do stuff with and it get’s pretty isolating. I’ve really tried to make friends but the problem is the lack of people to make friends with..lol Whilst I really get on with my roomate, she works nights and so we don’t get much time together, she sleeps through the day whilst I work then when I get back she’s at work.

I think things will get better though so I will stick with it πŸ™‚ I’m looking forward to Independence day celebrations the most. On July 3rd.. Which is my day off, i’m going to cycle to Egg Harbor again and watch the fireworks at the park I went to last time. I’m also going to watch a few bands during the day! On July 4th I should be going out hopefully. Then July 6th there is a massive celebration in Fish Creek. So i’ll go to that after I finish work at 4!

For the past few days, all i’ve really done is read, watch tv and eat.. I’ve gotten really into reading again, I think it is my lonely sport that I do when i’m bored. But it’s a good hobby. I’ve found James Patterson books a great read and after cycling to the gas station tonight I found another one on their shelves, looking forward to reading that.

I think even if I have a pretty boring summer, I don’t think going home would be anymore exciting.
-I have a job here which I wouldn’t have in England,
-I have my own place that I love,
-I have my own bike which I love even more
and, -I love the town and the people here

So overall it’s win win πŸ™‚ Just need a friendly face I can chill with. I have been debating getting a second job which might keep me more busy and introduce me to more people. But besides that I do speak to people everyday, it’s all part of the job. So i’m not completely isolated.

On Tuesday I plan to cycle the 9 miles or so to Sister Bay.. Apparently it has a nice beach and a supermarket where I can stock up on supplies πŸ˜‰ I also want to cycle around the national park and see some of the views.. Think i’ll do that Wednesday. I really hope we don’t get thunder storms again!

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