Today was the last day of my trip (travelling period) so I decided to make it a relaxing one.

I got woken up at 8am by some American girl who thinks it’s okay to talk on her phone and wake everybody up at stupid oclock in the morning..

So after everybody had left the room, I stuck my earplugs in and put my eyemask on and went back to sleep until half 11 lol Why do I need to be up so early? I’m about to do that for the next 3 months of Summer..

So anyway, after i’d gotten up and spent some time on Skype. I decided to have a day of shopping and walking.

Headed for lunch at Dairy Queen where I had my first Chicago chilli cheese dog.. Really not nice. And then I walked along the Magnificent Mile heading for the Pandora store in the Water Town. When I got there, I was ready to buy a fish charm to represent Fish Creek and the start of my Summer. But I ended up being shown some beads exclusive to Chicago and I found myself walking away with one of those. It looks nice ๐Ÿ™‚

After this I headed to the Disney store where I managed to drop my camera twice in a row and it stopped working for a bit.. Luckily it is back to normal now because that would have been awful. All because I wanted to take a photo of a pooh bear costume for a little baby lol

I then walked along the seafront and over to the Navy Pier. It was a really nice walk and I even got to paddle in the water and walk along the beach in the sand. At the pier it was a bit like Blackpool but a lot nicer and pretty cheap surprisingly.

After this I really realised that Chicago literally has everything!

For a place I wasn’t going to head to originally, i’m really happy I did. I didn’t have anything planned and I came here with next to no money at all. But the great thing about Chicago is you don’t need money to enjoy it.. Take a stroll and you’ll see so many things worth looking at.

It has architecture, parks and nature, a beach, a pier, skyscrapers, Lake Michigan, tons of stores and malls plus stadiums and gardens. I think it has something for everyone and I could easily live here, I feel a lot safer than I did in San Francisco.

I also stumbled upon the start of Route 66 which one day I hope to revisit.

Overall, considering I wasn’t planning on getting up to much here i’ve had a really great day and spent nothing but money on food and shopping ๐Ÿ˜‰

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