Travelling around North America

I’ve been planning the routes i’m going to take after I finish working in California this summer. Got a few things booked but a lot of it is flexible so i’m open to ideas.

At the moment, I have one route that I’m all booked and ready to adventure on in October 😀 So here it is:


I think it might only be 3 US states in total, but i’ll passing through a few along the way and two Canadian provinces 🙂

I’m really excited about it. Mostly visiting Canada excites me the most but I’ve also always wanted to visit Washington D.C and see Niagra Falls aswell so i’m so excited for these trips!

On top of this adventure, I have a few days to spend in California before flying back to New York..

I was thinking of doing this route..


After finishing work on Avalon i’ll then get the ferry over to Long Beach. From here i’ll go to Anaheim for my first stop – DISNEYLAND 😀 Then i’ll head up through Hollywood to San Francisco and stay there for a few days before getting on the plane 🙂 I really wanna visit Alcatraz Island and see the golden gate bridge, so I think this could be a pretty cool option.. Haven’t booked any of this yet but I have noticed how cheap it is on the bus from Hollywood to SF 😮 Can’t wait! 

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