(Mostly) Everything is booked

So I can start getting excited and counting down the days. A few more hotels to book and internal flights but then i’ll be completely set.

So here’s what happened…

I know we’re supposed to wait until we get the visa. But realistically  that’s leaving it a bit late and sacrificing the chance to get good deals.

If I don’t get a visa for some reason then luckily i’ll be able to use my multi-flex pass to change the returning journey to June and just fly out there for a holiday anyway 🙂 (But that’s the last resort)

The plan:

After a weekend with Sophie, we came up with all our travel plans for New York. And after a trip to STA on a rainy day in Manchester, a flight was booked 😛

I’m flying over to NYC in May and staying in Manhattan, NY for 5 days with Soph before jetting off to Los Angeles, CA for a further 4 days. Then i’m finally grabbing a ferry and scooting over to Catalina Island for another 3 days before finally starting work. A nice holiday before (hopefully) an amazing Summer!

I’m looking forward to visiting all the NY attractions that I didn’t see last time and visiting California for the first time ever 😀 Can’t wait to see Hollywood!

So for anyone who doesn’t know where Catalina Island is..


It’s just an hour away from LA and you have to take the ferry or helicopter over 🙂

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