Cycling around the world – Salzburg

Wow had I forgotten how much I love cycling! I used to cycle every city I visited all over the world until I took up jogging in January. On bicycle or foot both are a great way to see a new place but I forgot how amazing cycling feels!

I couldn’t leave Salzburg without doing what inspired me to book this trip in the first place – Cycling! I have always wanted to cycle around the streets since I saw it in the movie The Sound of Music.

I hired a bike from the hostel for €10 per day but I knew I’d only be cycling for a couple of hours before check out. I got up early to make the most of my last morning before I head to Munich.

Salzburg is a very bicycle friendly city and there are a lot of roads and paths that are marked for cyclists. I didn’t have a set destination in mind but I did cycle across the bridge and along the bank to head for the Schloss Hellbrunn.

This is the Von Trapp family home in the movie and also the stretch in which Julie Andrews skips down singing Confidence in Me!

A perfect way to end my lovely time in Salzburg.

I even managed to snap this photo of the family villa entrance complete with mountain Gaisberg in the background. The first mountain I’ve ever climbed so I will never forget this ♥️

I would like to get back in to cycling again and add to my experience around the world.

Some of the times I have cycled whilst travelling and actually mentioned it on my blog –

Singapore – Ubin

Bali – Gili T Island

Poland – Krakow

Italy – Rome

United States – Chicago

United States – Ephraim, WI

United States – Egg Harbor, WI


    • It is definitely well equipped for cycling, one of the best cities i’ve seen catering for it with all the cycle paths!


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